Academic Course Application Process

This Application Process information is designed to provide all participating personnel with information concerning how a place on the academic courses at TLP is allocated and what is required during the application process.

Please ensure you have read the following before applying for a course:

Security clearance
Please note that a prerequisite for TLP course participation is a valid NATO SECRET security clearance. Participants should provide TLP Admin () with a copy of their clearance by e-mail as part of the registration process, exceptionally these may be presented on the first day of the course. Failure to do so will result in exclusion from the course. Exceptional participation of Non-NATO participants needs to be requested well in advance of courses (4 weeks) and, if granted, might include certain restrictions.

Language proficiency
For all Academic courses a language proficiency level in English of SLP 3-3-2-2 or higher (i.a.w. STANAG 6001) is mandatory. English SLP certificates or confirmation that you possess the appropriate standard in English must be passed to during registration.

Application for Courses – start to finish
The application process is carried out via national POCs for TLP academic courses (exception: A3-HQ AC Ramstein = POC for personnel assigned to NATO). If you are unable to locate your national contact point, TLP can assist you. Please contact for contact information for your country’s academic POC. You should not register for any TLP course unless approved by your national POC.
The registration process is divided into 4 steps:

1. SLOT ALLOCATION: Each of the 10 TLP MoU nations (BEL, DEN, DEU, FRA, GRC, ITA, NLD, ESP, GBR, USA) is assigned a minimum number of places based on the annual national participation share. MOU nations may apply for more places on a course-by-course basis and these may be granted should other nations not fill their allocation. Non-MoU nations will also be invited to participate and be allocated places once all MOU nations’ requests are met. The max number of participants is set at 40 apart from the Intel Course which is limited to 32.

2. PARTICIPATION REQUESTS: Four (4) full weeks prior to the start of each course, all national POCs should confirm to TLP the number of slots requested for the respective course. For the COMAO course, national requests must include details about participant course role IAW the below registration section. The COMAO course is carefully balanced to ensure appropriate numbers of participants in specified roles therefore national requests may not always be granted.
NOTE COMAO: Late requests for slots or requests that are missing participant role or type of aircraft will be put on a waiting list and cannot be guaranteed acceptance.

3. COURSE CONFIRMATION: 4 full weeks prior to the start of the course TLP will confirm:
• If the course can be conducted based on participation requests and instructor availability, or if additional participants are needed.
• Acceptance or rejection of participation requests.
• If additional requests can be submitted.

4. COURSE CANCELATION: TLP reserves the right to deny access to a course if the participation was not requested in time or if registration has not been completed at least 2 full weeks prior to the course beginning. The course may be cancelled if the number of participants is below the minimum. The minimum number of participants is 12 (this may vary for the COMAO Course depending on participant roles). The decision to cancel will be made no later than 2 full weeks prior to course start date. Only in extreme circumstances will TLP cancel a course inside of 2 weeks prior to the course start date.

Do not book your travel arrangements until the course is confirmed, and you as a participant have been accepted via the registration process.

5. PARTICIPANT REGISTRATION: No later than two weeks prior to the start of the respective course the individual participants must submit the registration form, available on the TLP webpage with the course syllabus. TLP will respond with a confirmation / rejection message to the e-mail indicated in the submission. This is essential for the application of base access passes and to commence the billeting accommodation process.

When confirmation is received you can book your travel and then follow the Academic courses joining instructions.

Additional information about the application process.

Course Fee
The academic courses are free of charge for MoU nation participants; non-MoU nations receive academic courses free of charge according to the number of flying slots purchased for the respective year and nation.
All other participants are obliged to pay a course tuition fee of 500 Euros per attendee, per week. This fee covers the accommodation at the TLP billeting facilities during TLP academic courses. Meals, transportation costs, or any other expenses are not included

Fee: COMAO 1000 Euro
INTEL 1000 Euro
Support 1000 Euro (if attending both weeks)
CSAR 500 Euro

This fee for the course can be paid in three different ways:
1) Cash: Each attendee may pay for the course on the first day at our ADMIN desk. TLP can only accept payment in Euros.
2) Wire Transfer: Each nation can be billed by TLP’s financial office for the total amount for the course. Wire transfer instructions will also be provided.
3) Other: If your national point of contact wishes to pay by other means, he or she will have to coordinate the payment method with TLP’s financial office at least 4 weeks in advance of the course.
Apart from tuition fees, all participants are obliged to pay a refundable but mandatory deposit of 15€ for the room key, voluntary refundable 15€ for TV remote, and a mandatory refundable 10€ for security card and a voluntary non-refundable 5€ fee for coffee. Therefore it is important for course attendees to have a certain amount of Euros on hand on the day of arrival (one ATM available on base, numerous ATMs are available in Albacete).

Additional information for the COMAO course
TLP routinely has strong demand for attendance on the COMAO course. In order to conduct the COMAO course exercises and assure the overall success of the course, the participation of a certain number of fast jet aircrew is essential. Therefore, during the application process TLP will focus on course composition. Accordingly, the following information is required:
• Last name of participant (for us to link the slots with the booking form)
• Participants role (occupation) according to the following listing
   o Fast jet Multirole
   o Fast jet A-G
   o Fast jet A-A
   o Fast jet SEAD
   o Fast jet RECCE
   o TAT
   o HELO
   o INTEL
   o GCI/ AEW
   o Other (detailed)

In order to achieve an acceptable course composition, maximum participation numbers for each role / occupation are set, space-permitting participants listed as ‘others’ may be allocated places as observers.