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TLP Spotter's Day

The Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP), and the Public Affairs and Communications Office of the Spanish Air Force are organizing a spotter's day on the 8th February 2012.
This is to give professional and amateur photographers, who love aviation, the opportunity to see and take pictures of all the combat aircraft that are taking part in the first course of the year (TLP 2012-1).

The aircraft participating in this course include French Mirage-2000D, Mirage 2000C, Rafale, Alpha Jet and Super Etendart, German Tornados IDS, American F-16C, Dutch and Belgium F-16AM, Italian Eurofighter Typhoon and AV-8B+ Harrier II and Spanish F-1M, F-18M and Eurofighter Typhoon.

Those photographers wishing to attend must follow the instructions that can be found in the following website:

The number of registrations is limited and the last day to submit your registration is 31th January.

The Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) is an organisation formed under a Memorandum of Understanding between 10 NATO nations. The objective of the TLP is to increase the effectiveness of allied tactical air forces through the development of leadership skills, tactical flying capabilities, mission planning and tasking capabilities, and conceptual and doctrinal initiatives.

TLP is based at Albacete Air Force Base in Spain and its two operational branches - Flying Branch and Academic & Concepts and Doctrine Branch- are staffed by experienced personnel from the member nations.

* If for any reason the TLP aerial operations have to be cancelled the 8th (i.e. due to adverse weather conditions), the spotter's day would be moved to 9th February.

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