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Spanish Crown Prince at TLP

On the 14th of November, the Spanish Crown Prince visited the Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP). His Royal Highness spent a normal working day with the TLP during the current Flying Course.

Spanish Crown Prince at TLPOn his arrival to the Air Base, Prince Felipe was welcomed by Spanish Air Staff Authorities and Albacete’s Air Base Commander, who joined HRH for the visit to TLP. After receiving the official honours, HRH headed for the TLP HQ where he was welcomed by the TLP Commandant, Col Ignacio Bengoechea Martí, the Academic and Doctrine Chief, Lt Col Harald Kersten, German Air Force, the Support Unit Chief, Lt Col Jesús Fernández Gago, Spanish Air Force, and the Flying Branch Chief, Maj M. Sebastien Salgues, French Air Force.

Col Bengoechea briefed HRH on the TLP task, its history and accomplishments. He then went on to describe the different courses held within the program along with emphasising the important role of the Programme for NATO and Allied Air Forces.

After the briefing HRH had the chance to have a deeper look at the Flying Course mission of the day and its objectives. He was then briefed on the ongoing integration of the Battlefield Operation Support System, which is used for real time mission monitoring and de-briefing.

HRH also visited the TLP multi use recreational facilities and aircraft maintenance hangar. In the hangar Prince Felipe had the opportunity to greet the maintenance chiefs from the different participating nations.

Prince Felipe greeted the Head of Castilla-La Mancha’s local government, Albacete’s Mayoress, local civilian authorities and the Senior National Representatives of each member nation at TLP.

During the official reception in HRH’s honour, Prince Felipe stressed the importance of the Programme, the challenges it brought and the great opportunity it presented for every participating nation.

HRH wished TLP every success for the future.

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