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On the 12th of September, the Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) received the visit of the GEMAAA Spanish Brigadier General Íñigo Pareja Rodríguez, together with the Commander of RAAA 73 Commander, Colonel Enrique Mª Silvela, and Army Chief of MAA Staff, Lieutenant Colonel Alfredo Hurtado Gutiérrez, in order to gain insight of a Flying Course (FC) mission.

The guests were welcomed by the Host Base Commander, Juan Manuel Pablos Chi, the TLP Commandant, Andrés E. Maldonado García, and a commission comprising the TLP Flying Branch Chief, Lieutenant Colonel Domenico Cicale and TLP Support Chief, Lieutenant Colonel César Lardiés.

Immediately after, the visitors attended a working session, where they were briefed on the role, objectives and mission of a TLP Flying Course by the TLP Commandant. Additionally, Captain Silvia Nuñez, SBAD Liaison for FC 2018-3, briefed the General on the SBAD Liaison officer duties.


On occasion of this visit, the guests could make a tour around TLP facilities, such as the TLP Headquarter, Hangar and Ramp, where they could observe the participating aircraft in FC 2018-3, and appreciate the magnitude of the material and human resources deployed for this Flying Course.

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