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CENAD Chinchilla Visit

Today, 21st February 2018, a Delegation of the National Military Training Centre of Chinchilla visited the Tactical Leadership Programme in order to gain insight of a TLP Flying Course activity.

CENAD Chinchilla Commander, Colonel Joaquín Rosique, and a CENAD delegation were received by a commission comprising the TLP Commandant, Colonel Luis Villar, and a TLP personnel representation.

Subsequently, the attendees were briefed on the background and role of the TLP as well as the activities and mission of the TLP Flying Courses, with opportunity for discussions and questions. Immediately after, it took place the official gift exchange between both units.

CENAD Chinchilla Visit

On occasion of the visit, the CENAD guests could make a tour around TLP facilities, as TLP Head Quarter, TLP Hangar and TLP Ramp, where they could observe the participating aircraft in FC 2018-1. Likewise, the CENAD Commander and personnel attending the visit could appreciate the magnitude of the material and human resources deployed in a Flying Course. The visit concluded by the Official Group Picture with the CENAD attendees and the TLP Staff representation.

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