TLP Maintenance Coordinators

The TLP maintenance section consists of 4 technical NCO’s, Spanish, French, American and British.

The coordinators ensure that all support equipment from the participating nations required for up to 30 aircraft is positioned correctly and available for use before the first mission. During the flying course the coordinators are the focal point for all technical issues, ensuring all problems are resolved at the earliest opportunity.

At the end of each course they ensure the recovery of equipment is completed in an efficient manner. The many cultural and language differences encountered are overcome by encouraging all nations to work together where ever possible.
It is vital that the Technical Officer from each visiting Squadron make contact with the TLP Maintenance team PRIOR to their arrival. This is to ensure that the engineering joining instructions are fully understood; also your arrival plan and any other engineering requirements are catered for well in advance.

All Tech Officers/Engineers/Maintainers coming to TLP are to read carefully the instructions in the following documents within the welcome package which has been provided to their DETCO:


All visiting nations CIS that is being utilised in the TLP HQ must be registered with the TLP DSO on arrival, the ‘Visiting nations TLP HQ CIS declaration form’ must be filled out and signed by the visiting nations authorising CIS agency.

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