Intel support to COMAO

Course objectives

The course aims to enhance the participant’s skills required to provide intelligence support to Composite Air Operations (COMAO). In order to achieve this objective, the course focuses on analytic skills and advanced intelligence topics featuring threat, tactics, and target analysis. Additionally, participants will have an opportunity to apply what they learn in a realistic training environment. Specific attention will be paid to briefing skills and communications techniques. The course is mainly focused on Intel support to fixed wing fighter aircraft in COMAO. The participants will need to pass an examination (or re-examination) with 70% in order to graduate from the course

Course syllabus / Lesson inventory

The course will comprise a selection from the following table.

TLP-I Introduction to TLP  
TLP-A Administration/Inprocessing  
INT-01 Course intro  
INT-02 Intel process  
INT-03 Critical thinking  
INT-04 Briefing skills  
INT-05 ISR  
INT-06 IADS analysis and assessment  
INT-07 SBAD threat analysis  
INT-08 Air threat analysis  
INT-09 Air to air tactics  
INT-10 Air to air missiles  
INT-11 ETAT current developments  
INT-14 Intel support to COMAO  
INT-15 Intel support to operations  
INT-16 Target analysis  
INT-17 COMAO EX intro  
INT-18 Course evaluation  
INT EX-00 Team building exercise (running gear required)  
INT EX-01 Falcon view exercise  
INT EX-02 IADS analysis exercise  
INT EX-03 SBAD analysis exercise  
INT EX-04 Air to air analysis exercise  
INT EX-05 Assessment exercise  
INT EX-06 OSINT exercise  
INT EX-07 Target analysis exercise  
INT EX-08 COMAO exercise 1  
INT EX-09 COMAO exercise 2  

The course begins with a series of lectures introducing participants to strategic level analysis and ISR systems and methods. These lectures are followed by threat systems and tactics analysis seminars aimed at providing participants with a basic refresher on factors that impact COMAO and planning. The last phase of the course will be entirely composed of exercises offering participants an opportunity to use their newly acquired knowledge.

The participants should bring running gear to the course for 2 team building exercises.

Course length and start/finish of course.

9 full days (the course starts on Monday morning 08.30L and finishes on Thursday the next week at 21.00L). The course is offered two to four times per year. Reference the Courses tab for precise dates.

Course target audience.

The NATO rank limitation is OR-3 through OF-2. All course participants need to bring a copy of their NATO SECRET security clearance. English language proficiency: SLP 3322 (i.a.w. STANAG 6001) is mandatory in order to fully understand the lectures and to productively participate in the exercises. Please forward your English SLP certificate to at least one week in advance. Participants should have graduated from formal national intelligence training and should possess a basic understanding of threat aircraft and armament, SBAD systems, electronic warfare, and also demonstrate knowledge of NATO air operational doctrine (HQ AC RAMSTEIN 80-6 manual)

Course composition.

Up to 24 participants are expected. The target audience for this course is junior INTEL personnel with 1-2 years working experience and posted at a tactical level, fixed wing unit providing Intel support. Personnel who do not meet the course prerequisites need to request well in advance through the usual registration process, because a waiver needs to be approved under the guidance of the TLP INTEL staff and TLP Chief of Academic Branch. At the end of the process, TLP Admin confirms your participation.

Academic course application process

If you wish to apply for this course, please read through the academic course application process to understand the requirements & process.

Registration with TLP

Once your national POC has confirmed your place on the course, no later than two weeks prior to the start of the respective course the individual participants must submit the registration form.

Joining instructions

We you receive a positive reply to the TLP registration form please read the academic course joining instructions which can be found HERE!

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