EW Course

Course objectives.

This course is managed by the EW Course Director and will be delivered to both, TLP MOU nation personnel, and non-MOU nation personnel, who have at least a NATO SECRET security clearance. The TLP EW course aims to introduce participants to EW and EW support functions. This course provides a broad awareness about Electronic Warfare and Electronic Warfare support. 

Course length and start/finish of course.

The EW course normally starts on Monday of the scheduled course week. Nominal course duration is five days. An academic day is defined as 6-7 hours of lectures/exercises per day. Time is allocated, but not specifically listed, for miscellaneous events such as course dinner, breaks, etc. See Below for example course context.

EW Basic 

Basic Radar Principles

Infrared Principles

Indirect and Direct Threat

Radar Jamming Fundamentals

Direct Energy (LASER)

Counter Radar (Stealth)


Threat Analysis 



Air Threat

ISR support to EW

Space EW

EW in the fight

Course target audience.

The TLP EW course primarily aimed at junior Fast Jet aircrew but includes all potential junior personnel including Tactical Air Transport, Rotary Wing, Intelligence, C2, and squadron mission planning personnel. The lectures and exercises are designed for the less experienced tactical operators or these individuals with no-to-limited EW knowledge and experience. 

Course composition.

N/A, the course will run with a minimum of 12 participants of any role/specialty.

Academic course application process

If you wish to apply for this course, please read through the academic course application process to understand the requirements & process.

Registration with TLP

Once your national POC has confirmed your place on the course, no later than two weeks prior to the start of the respective course the individual participants must submit the registration form.

Joining instructions

When you receive a positive reply to the TLP registration form please read the academic course joining instructions which can be found HERE!

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