Composite Air Operations


The objective of the TLP COMAO academic course is to enhance the ability of selected aircrew members to effectively integrate the various attack/support components within a package, plan tactics which best consider the capabilities and limitations of each system, communicate the plan, assemble the package and brief a composite attack force mission. The Course is focused on Tactical Leadership and COMAO mission planning.

Course syllabus example

Course length and start/finish of course.

The duration of the course is 8 working days. The course normally starts on Tuesday morning and ends on the following Thursday. Reference the Courses tab for precise dates.

Course target audience.

The target audience is junior aircrews with 100-500 hours of operational flying hours in a combat aircraft and 1-4 years of service on the current platform or system. The course is applicable for navigators, WSO and pilots.

A limited number of slots are available for Rotary Wing and Tactical Air Transport aircrews. Additionally, a limited number of slots for support personnel are also available including GCI and Intel. Others may attend the course based on available slots.

Course composition.

The optimum composition of a COMAO ACAD course is as follows:

32 participants: Aircrews (pilots or navigators):
o    16 A-G (A-G/MR or RECCE)
o    6 A-A (A-A or MR)
o    2 SEAD
o    2 TAT (including TAL/TADP/TALD)
o    2 HELO
o    2 Intel
o    2 GCI

Academic course application process

If you wish to apply for this course, please read through the academic course application process to understand the requirements & process.

Registration with TLP

Once your national POC has confirmed your place on the course, no later than two weeks prior to the start of the respective course the individual participants must submit the registration form.

Joining instructions

We you receive a positive reply to the TLP registration form please read the academic course joining instructions which can be found HERE!


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