Academic Course Joining Instructions

This Joining Instruction (JI) is designed to provide all participating personnel with advanced information concerning all academic courses at TLP. To help us prepare for your course, all participants must read this JI carefully.

REMINDER - A prerequisite for all TLP course participation is a valid NATO SECRET security clearance. Also, for TLP academic courses it is mandatory that all participants have a language proficiency level in English of SLP 3-3-2-2 or higher (i.a.w. STANAG 6001). This must be personally confirmed during registration. Participants with an inadequate level of understanding of English may be removed from the course.

Participant presentation
Participants should be prepared to give a short briefing related to their specialty (no longer than 10 minutes). Please use the standard power point template, it can be found under tab menu ‘downloads’.
Note: Intel support to COMAO - no presentation required.

General Information
TLP is located on Albacete Air Base. The Spanish 14th Air Force Wing is the host and controls the base security.
TLP Address:
Tactical Leadership Programme
Base Aérea de Albacete
Carretera de Murcia S/N
02071 Albacete
(Name; Detachment)
PSC 820 Box 8
FPO, AE 09648
Tel: +34 967 598 544
Fax: +34 967 598 589

Arrival must be through the Albacete “Los Llanos” Air Base Main Gate where participants receive their base passes (East side of the Base). The coordinates for the East Main Gate are: N038 57.366 W001 50.900. (Note that if a GPS is used for “Albacete Airport” you will arrive at the West Side Civilian Airport) and you will not be able to enter the base from there. From the East Main Gate follow the signs to TLP Billeting.
Course participants are welcome to arrive and check-in with billeting the day prior to the course start date.
All TLP academic courses start at 0900 local time on the first course day - depicted on the TLP webpage calendar - participants must therefore report to TLP HQ main entrance no later than 0850L in order to allow timely seating in the appropriate briefing room.
a. Check your specific course details for any changes to the above.
b. Regardless of which day or time you arrive, prior coordination with TLP Admin is mandatory. This is achieved by completing and submitting the online Booking Form in time (2 full weeks prior to course start).
c. If the Booking Form has been submitted and the participation has been confirmed, you can assume a room has been booked.
Arriving by Rail/Air
There are a number of flights into airports around Albacete such as Madrid, Valencia or Alicante. A train can be taken from these cities to Albacete. Train timetables and prices can be checked on Taxis are available at the train station; the fare to the Air Base is approx. 15 Euros. Taxis are allowed on base.
Note: Entry to the Base will be permitted only via the East Gate and only on presentation of a valid service ID-card, which will be checked against the course personnel list based on the information provided by your unit.

During your stay
Refer to drop down menu Admin.
Meals are offered at several on-base dining facilities. Good quality breakfast, lunch and dinner is served daily in the TLP dining facility, better known as the ”MURF”. Cash or credit card is accepted.
For prices and times refer to drop down menu Admin / Dining and Bars.
Normal working dress for participants will be a flight suit, BDUs or an equivalent working uniform. Due to the proliferation of rank insignia at TLP, the area has been designated a NO HAT/NO SALUTE area. Outside of the TLP area, hats are to be worn and normal compliments paid.
Personal vehicles or rental cars are not essential due to the close proximity of the TLP buildings, but, if provided through national channels, a base vehicle registration pass must be obtained through TLP Admin.
Most taxi cabs have base entrance permission and charge fixed rates to downtown Albacete.
Phone Policy
Inside the TLP HQ building, the use of participant’s personal mobile phones, laptop computers and recording devices is strictly forbidden. Phone storage lockers are provided free of charge in the TLP building lobby.

Out of hour Contact
TLP HQ does not work a 24 hour duty cycle. Outside of TLP working hours, a TLP Duty Person is available during courses and can be contacted in case of emergencies or urgent matters (+34 630 517 991). Telephones within the TLP hotel rooms are not able to place external calls, but they can receive external calls directly to the room. Contact the TLP Hotel Reception desk (English or Spanish language) at 34-967 598 600 to be connected to a student’s room.

All TLP computers, including those in the briefing rooms, are equipped with MS Office2013, including MS PowerPoint 2013. This is the preferred briefing method for all presentations up to and including NATO RESTRICTED. Files, Briefings, Data, etc.. have to be brought to TLP on CD-ROM only. USB´s devices are NOT ALLOWED, due to our security policy. All media must be virus checked by the TLP Information Technology section before use on our network.
On-base facilities
Barber shop, library, pharmacy and bank are all located on-base and within walking distance from the lodging facility. Additional information will be provided upon arrival.
The TLP gym facilities are available to course participants. A brief explanation of the gym rules and a signing of those rules is required prior to using the gym. Jogging and sports activities on base are limited to the designated areas (running track, soccer field).
The speed limit as posted on base is strictly enforced by Host Nation security. Entering the flight line area (area south of main road connecting gate with TLP HQ) is strictly prohibited. Off base all speed limits are well posted.
Social events will be organised during the course by the TLP staff. These events are intended to develop teamwork, camaraderie, and allow networking between participants. Normal working dress is used for social events held in the MURF. Event information will be outlined in the course schedule.
Smoking policy
All TLP buildings, including TLP billeting rooms, are non-smoking.

The last day of the course is usually planned to finish no later than 1300. Sufficient time should be factored in for ground travel when booking return flights. The final serial of the course is typically the graduation ceremony with the Commandant – do not plan to leave before this time. TLP can provide transportation to Albacete train station at the end of the course if coordinated and requested during the course.
1. Requests to leave a course early will only be permitted under exceptional or emergency circumstances (not just to make an earlier flight).
2. Participants are expected to be released from any national duties that would interfere with full and complete course participation.
3. Participants not completing the course syllabus will not graduate.