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Handover command of the Chief Colonel of Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) and its National Component

On the 3rd of July, the handover command ceremony of the Chief Colonel of Tactical Leadership Program (TLP) and its National Component took place within the facilities of TLP at Albacete Air Base.

Presiding over the handover command ceremony was General Fernando de la Cruz Caravaca, the Operations Division Chief of the Spanish Air Forces Staff. In attendance were several military and civilian persons from the local authorities as well as the TLP international staff and family.

Colonel BernalOn arrival General Cruz was welcomed by the outgoing Colonel Enrique Martínez Vallas. After giving his regards to the assembled guests, the handover command ceremony began with a reading confirming the appointment of Colonel Cándido Antonio Bernal Fuentes as incoming Chief Colonel of TLP and its National Component.

After this reading, Colonel Bernal was sworn on oath. He then gave a speech to those present outlining his commitment and enthusiasm for leading such a prestigious centre that is held with such high regard within the Atlantic Alliance.

Once the handover ceremony finished, General de la Cruz, accompanied by the outgoing and incoming colonels, proceeded with the signing of the official charter, signifying the handover had been completed.

Afterwards there was a social function, where General Cruz said a few words of thanks to Colonel Vallas for the leadership in TLP and offered his ongoing support to Colonel Bernal with his future command.

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