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TLP Distinguished Visitors Day

On 24th of September six of the signatory countries of the Tactical Leadership Programme Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) met in Albacete for the Distinguished Visitors Day, which took place to commemorate the 5th Anniversary of TLP relocating to Spain.

Representatives of the Air Forces of Germany, Spain, France, Greece, Italy and United Kingdom, from a variety of different NATO organisations, visited TLP facilities and observed the execution of a Flying Course mission which took place at Albacete Air Base.

At the beginning of the day, Colonel Antonio Bernal: Head of Tactical Leadership Programme briefed to the visitors on TLP today and its future direction, highlighting its relevance to the current international setting as a centre of excellence for training Mission Commanders of Combined Air Operations (COMAO).

Distinguished Visitors witnessed firsthand the activities undertaken during a training day within a Flying Course. Particularly during the course in September which was one of the most significant courses in TLP history due the largest number of participants ever and the quality of operational aircraft and support.

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