Last 12th of May 2018, the Tactical Leadership Programme 40th anniversary celebration took place within the TLP facilities, followed by an Open Doors Day organised at Albacete’s Air Base.

The aforementioned celebration was presided over by the Hon. Mr. Lieutenant General César Miguel Simón López, Air Combat Command Deputy Chief (GJMACOM). Several military and civilian authorities, as well as national delegations and TLP staff were also present.

The event started with a ceremony in homage to those fallen in the TLP accident, which was accompanied by the offering of a laurel wreath with the flags of Greece and France that was laid down at the monolith erected in their memory at the Cdt. Tison Square.
Later, the guests to the event went to the TLP Hangar, where the 40th anniversary commemorative sheet was signed by the representatives of the different nations.

Upon conclusion of the ceremony, the General Chief of MACOM, accompanied by the Colonel Chief of the TLP, Luis Villar.....


.......and all the military authorities, went to the place for the static exhibition of the air assets to enjoy the Open Doors Day organized for that day.


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