TLP visit

On the 23rd of November, Général de Corps Aérien Jean Rondel, Commander of the French Air Forces Command, together with Général de Brigade Éric Charpentier, Commander of the Brigade Aérienne de l´Aviation de Chasse, visited the Tactical Leadership Programme, in Albacete Air Base.

The visitors were welcomed by a commission comprising the TLP Commandant, Colonel Luis Villar, the France SNR and Chief of Academics and Doctrine Branch, Lt Col Sébastian Salgues, and a TLP personnel representation.

After their arrival at TLP Head Quarter, it took place the signature of the TLP Visitors’ Book and a meeting with the TLP Commandant. Immediately after, the guests attended the general Briefing of the mission of the day.

TLP visit

Likewise, the visitors attended a working session together with the French SNR and TLP Chief of Academics and Doctrine Branch, Lt Col Salgues, and after that, observed the TLP Flying Course Activity, where they could met and addressed to the FRA M2000C pilots attending the FC 2017-4.

On occasion of this visit, Général Rondel and the French Air Forces Command delegation dedicated a recollection moment to the Memorial of the TLP accident.

Subsequently, the guests made a tour around TLP facilities, as TLP Hangar and Ramp, where they could observe the participating aircraft in FC 2017-4, and appreciate the magnitude of the material and human resources deployed in a Flying Course.


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