TLP visit

From 21th to 23rd of November 2017, Major General Günter Katz, Commander of the German Air Force Operational Command, and Colonel Dirk Kraus, German Attaché, visited the Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP), in order to gain insight of a Flying Course mission, as well as to oversee the German Detachment deployed in the FC 2017-4, at Albacete Air Base.

On the 22nd of November, General Katz and Colonel Kraus were received the German TLP Staff delegation and by a commission comprising the TLP Commandant, the TLP Brach Chiefs and the TLP Warrant Officer.

After the TLP HQ welcome, the visitors attended a working session, in which they were briefed by the TLP Cmdt on the objectives, activities and organization of TLP as well as the current Flying Courses requires. Once it finished, it took place the signature of the TLP Visitors’ Book.

TLP visit

Afterwards, Major General Katz and the German Air Force Operational Command Delegation made a tour around TLP facilities and observed the TLP FC activity by attending the TLP Daily Mission Briefing, the Demo TLP Synthetic Training System and the Mission Planning.

Once the visitors had the official lunch with a TLP delegation and prior their departure, the visitors continued the visit with a tour around TLP facilities and a working session with the German Detachment deployed in Albacete Air Base for the Flying Course FC 2017-4.


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