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Coronel MaldonadoWelcome to the official website of the Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP), where you will find information covering our activities, mission, structure and history.

TLP is a multinational headquarters based at Los Llanos Air Base, Albacete. We are composed of military and civilian personnel from the 10 NATO nations participating in the Programme.  Our main objective is to increase the effectiveness of our air forces in the field of tactical leadership and conceptual and doctrinal initiatives in support of the Supreme Allied Commander Europe (SACEUR), Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT) and National Defence Forces.

Throughout our 39 year history, TLP has become the focal point for NATO’s Allied Air Forces tactical training and development of knowledge and leadership skills, necessary to face today's air tactical challenges. This is being achieved with the effort, dedication and professionalism of our staff, TLP prides itself in having a diverse and talented work force.

Ours is a military community that includes the families of TLP personnel and encourages their participation in the Headquarters and in Albacete community life, through a variety of activities supported by TLP through the Community and Culture Foundation (CCF). The CCF is aimed to promote morale, international team spirit and allow TLP and their families the opportunity to relate to the local culture and environment through the organization of social events.  At TLP we are honoured to live in Albacete and be part of the local Spanish communities.

Should you need further information or have questions regarding the content of this website please feel free to contact us using the details within our contact page HERE.

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