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Following the TLP 2018 Planning Conference there are available slots for next year TLP Flying Courses.

The TLP Flying Course offers junior leaders the chance to plan and operate as part of a COMAO and creates NATO’s future Mission Commanders. Additionally it provides air forces with high value training and allows participating nations to benefit from the cross pollination of each other’s capabilities and tactics.

We currently have spare capacity on 3 of our 4 courses in 2018; FC18-1 (29th January - 23rd February), FC18-2 (16th April - 11th May) and FC18-3 (10th September - 5th October).

Having Non-TLP MoU Nations attending the course enriches the training as a whole as participants strive to understand and incorporate our Allies and enhance cooperation. We look forward to welcoming your crews to TLP in 2018.

For further details on the 2018 Flying Courses, the TLP OPFOR (Red Air) Programme or any of our TLP Academic Courses please contact the TLP Mission Coordinator at mc@tlp-info.org

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